Which Type of Quilts that You Like the Most?

Quilt comes with various types of fillings. Which fillings you choose definitely will determine how comfortable your sleeping time will be. After choosing the right quilt, don’t forget to buy nice quilt covers so that the quilt will not be stained or covered with dust. If you are not sure on which type of quilts you should buy, here is a simple description of three of the most popular fillings to help you choose.

Microfiber Quilt

Microfiber is one of the most popular synthetic fibers for quilts. The best thing about this material is it is specially made to copy the softness of duck feather. However, it comes with hypoallergenic treatment so, unlike duck or goose feather, it will not put allergic people in any harm. It can be used in all four seasons and it also can be washed in the washing machine.

Cotton Quilt

It is safe to say that cotton quilt is one of the most popular types of comforter and it matches Super King Quilt Cover very well. Just like synthetic fiber quilt, cotton is also a perfect material for people that suffers from allergy. In addition, the material is also very lightweight. As a result, if you live in warmer climate, cotton quilt is a good choice for your bed. The quality of cotton is really varied according to the thickness and durability of the fabric. So, be careful when purchasing quilt that is made of cotton because not all of them have good quality.

Down and Feathers Quilt

Down and feathers quilt is very suitable to be used in colder climates. The best thing about this material is it is very light and fluffy. So, even though the quilt is very thick, it will still be very comfortable to use since it will not put too much weight on our body.

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